how much does youtube pay

earn money from youtube

perhaps you have already heard about the profit from youtube and the stories of people who have made money from youtube and u may have asked yourself can i do that too if u do not know how to start making profit from Youtube through this guide you can start

earning money quickly especially if u have a strong following base follow these steps to start earning revenue from youtube views and earning revenue from google adsense ads on your videos

how much does youtube pay

Preparing and setting a youtube channel

creat a gmail account or use your exisiting account then add keywords to help people reach your channel u can add keywords by going to the advanced section of the channel setting ensure that the keywords are appropriate to the chanels content

Upload content

try to upload hd videos but stay away from the long videos this can vary depending on the type of video you want to upload to the girls try also uploading videos regularly and keeping them in line with the channel activity

Audience acquisition

building the public is an essential component of increasing profits people need to see ads for profit there is no secret to getting a huge number of subscribers except to make your channel

 offer better videos continue to upload videos and try to reach people interested in the
 channel field by sharing the video on twitter and facebook and posting it in the social networking sites

Monetize from youtube

in order to start earning from youtbe you will need to enable monetization this means that you allow youtube to place ads on your videos this means that there is no copyrighted material in your video

Write down your titles and make good photos

in order to creat succesfuyoutube channel you must have good experience creating attracive video titles there are millions of videos on youtube so you should learn everything that helps you make your videos stand out amid the huge amount of videos on youtube

how much does youtube pay
how does youtube pay
how much youtube pays


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