best android apps 2023

 best 5  android apps absolutely

Use of the phone has become a necessity in our daily life the virtual brother and the reason we use it a lot are addiction to it are the applications that provide us with many advantages.

 and its development which is increasing day by day by professional programmers and the large number of developers in our current age of psychologists meaning that it knows what the human mind needs it removes fatigue on him and saves him time.

best android 2023

1_Wifi Analyzer

one of the advantages of this application is that it provides a feature by giving you a signal for public networks near you automatically and knowing the percentage of your proximity to.

 networks and the good area in terms of signal height for all nearby networks by drawing a graph curve and according to the existing color just to clarify the difference between each.

 network and another and always take the strongest red color network the more you move the signal changes upward and you can see how many people are connected to all this and more in the new update of the application.

2_Solid Explorer File

one of the best applications for managing files professionally where the way it works is very easy and it is one of the most famous applications on the goole play store it has many features for customization options such as the use of icons and color.


needless to define this application performs the functions that you want to perform in place of you not to repeat the same thing every time for example to make lighting when you enter.

 the you tube application or any application that mutes the sound when approaching a wifi signal there are many wonderful tasks explicitly i advise you to give it a try.

4_Onetap Glitch

among the many possible images the glitch is one of the most difficult images that can be done on a smartphone this feature is used on photoshop a lot and this can be done by.

 computer but with this new application you can make a picture with glitch technology in just 5 seconds.


finally we will present you with a meeting request here forget the tinder and other apps of this type and this is not to help you find someone to accompany your life but to accompany.

 you in festivals you can use you face book account to log in then you will have access to a full list of european festivals where you can indicate whether you want to go there.

To this end my friends have finished any queries please write it in a comment and i will reply to you  bye


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