Create an app and profit from it

Profit from applications

Hello my friends we rolled up again with one of the ways to profit from internet  in this article we explain how to create an android applications and profit from it.

we will explain some of the sites that support the creation of applications and the easiest to handel.

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Create application and profit from it

There are many electronic applications available through the online store designed by amateur people and not from the professional people in the world of programming.

 and this lacks many of the conditions that must be met in the people working in the field of electronic applications.

in order for the android applications to work professionally work must continue on it for many months or weeks . depending on the degree of expertise of the electronic applications.

 makers with the need to apply some of the conditions that must be met in the electronic applications.

Ibuildapp site

Ibuildapp is one of the distinguished websites . especially for beginners . the website offers many templates and many forms for displaying electronic content and the website.

 is characterized by creating many applications via iphone or android system together

The ibuildapp website also allows the development of electronic applications and the person can get a marketing plan for the electronic applications.

 in addition to providing sufficient statistics about the profits achieved by the application.

Steps to make an Android application and profit from it

The type of electronic application desired to be created must be chosen through a variety of options the buttons for the application must be chosen it is necessary to choose the.

 description of the electronic application in terms of the desired content in its establishment as the application is classified.

whether it is a service application educational application . and other electronic applications then the names of the buttons are chosen as well as the shape of the icon used in the.

 electronic application after completing the previous steps the application is ready and it can be downloaded easily and conveniently.

To this end my friends have finished explaining today i hope that you have benefited .... for any inquiries please write it in a comment and i will reply to you.


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