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Create a blog and profit from it 2020

Profit from creating free blog

Hello my friends today we will explain one of the easiest ways to profit from the internet ..which is to create a free blog publish it ..and make profit from it is the easiest way to profit from the internet do not need photograph your self and make videos .only all you have to do is write ..i  worked on this and now i have a blog and i earn from it .

profit from internet

Steps to create a blog on blogger 

  • An account is created on the site using a google account or email
  • You are logged into the account
  • Press to create a new blog 
  • The name and title of  the blog are chosen with the choice of the blog look and feel 
  • The start blogging button is pressed 
  • Thus the blog has been created and ready to start blogging

How to profit from blog

There are some ways is which the blog can be used with the goal of achieving the largest possible profit and these methods are as follows
Join one of the advertising programs and one of the most famous of  these programs is google Adsense . which is a program that provides payment services for bloggers ..per click website advertisements

Selling products and goods .the most popular sites that provide this service are cafepress . zazzle ..and printprint ..this is achieved by writing to a blogging network that pays a fixed fee for all writings that are shared .

Conditions for profit from blogs

There are some conditions which must be met in order for the blog to achieve a high percentage of profits and these conditions are the following the user prefers to purchase paid domain ..the user must be 18 years or older 18 the site must have a clear privacy policy ..fully adhere to the Adsense policy .avoid choosing any of the bad and non targeted areas .

Ensure that the content of the blog is distinctive and unconventional and that it is not duplicated or copied from other sites

in the end my friends i hope that you have benefited from this explanation ...for any inquiries please write it in a comment and i will reply to you