How to bring Traffic to your site in a free way

Ways to bring Traffic to a site in a free way

Today we will learn how to bring traffic to your site visits are the most important thing for your site if you want to profit from the internet by creating a website traffic is the main source of profit for any project through profit from the internet.

traffic to your site

Facebook Group

The method mainly depends on creating a facebook account in which you only add people or friends interested in a specific field ..then you try to join the largest possible number of target groups that are interested in this field it only initialy publishes information.

Valuable in these groups and also the interaction of  the posts of the rest of the rest of the members until you gain their affection and then move on to publishing links to your site.

YouTube channels

One of the most important sources of bringing free traffic that many people overlook is youtube as all you have to do is create a youtube channel that focuses on a field.

 a certain later on you can proceed to publishing professional videos and do not forget the phrase download link you can find in this link ..i mean the link to your site or you can.

To include the phrase for more details click on this link to be surprised inevitably after your reliance on your youtube channel with the huge number of visitors who .log in to your site.

Mailing lists

There is not  ve new site content yes the email ..the electronic is undoubtedly one of the most important free and targeted traffic sources on which the owners of the major websites.

 depend other than that it is also considered one of the most important methods for commission marketing for products and offers and as professionals say in the field of e-marketing the secret in the mailing list.


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