How to get Approval Google Adsense account 2023

How to Approval Google  Adsense  account 2023

Hello my friends today we will explain how to activate the Adsense 2020 account .. to every owner of a youtube channel or site and wants to confirm to Adsense to profit from it to you this explanation follow us to learn how to sing up and activate an Adsense account.

Google  Adsense  account

How to sing up to Adsense

For youtube  owners ..after achieving the Adsense conditions which means that your channel has 1000 subscribers and 4000 puplic hours.

you will be directed to subscribe to Adsense from within the channel will find the subscription icon in the channel statistics after completing the previously mentioned conditions.

As for the owners of websites and blogs you must first create an Adsense account and then link to it by adding your site to it
To create a new account on Adsense click here.

Do you want to confirm the Adsense account and do not know how

Well light of the spread and spread of the new corona virus a rather big problem arose for website owners across the internet namely the inability to verify the billing address on.

 google Adsense which is usally through a number of code sent by google to the Adsense account owner and website.

Adsense 2020 account confirmation you should know that in light of the prevalence of coronay disease it has become difficult to get between the Adsense code to its owner and i personally faced the same problem.

Activate the Adsense account with the civil id

The way to prove your place of residence in Airsoft by identity has become a thing of the past .the method is unfortunately not adopted by google at the time but will be forced to return it in the near future given the need for it.

Among the methods used by website owners was to send a copy of the id skinners work and send it  to confirm the identity and location of their residence and the method actually worked for some.

in the end my friends i hope that you have benefited from this explanation ...for any inquiries please write it in a comment and i will reply to you.


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