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How to create a hologram on your own

How to create a hologram on your own

Meaning of a Hologram

it is a visual display that recreates the image displayed in a three -dimensional image in a high quality manner to float the image in the air as a three-dimensional gel model and.

 appears as a spectrum of colors embodied in the form to be displayed


The idea of its work

The idea of its work is based on a collision between the light waves and the thing that the user wants to photograph and display for specialized ..holograms the device plans the object.

 to be photographed and then transmits the necessary information about it this device allows the possibility to repeat the creation of the wave again in the case.

of lighting the hologram device as well some regular applications on smartphones have begun to provide hologram technology to ordinary users through some pretty simple applications and tools.

Hologram features

The hologram allows users to see and see objects from all directions
It can also be used to take and monitor more than one image.

In addition to the possibility of using it currently to display some pictures
Promoting a number of things in a concrete and living from.

History of the hologram

This technique dates back to 1947 at the hands of  the scientist (Dennis Gabor ) to improve the magnification force of  the electron microscope and because of the light resources available at that time which were not coherent.

any monochrome led to the delay of the emergence of stereoscopy to the1960 s when the laser appeared and in 1967 judith.

Obatenex and emmitt leith of the university of michigan both demonstrated the first hologram after many experiments.

The cost of the hologram

There are some simple applications and simple tools through which the implementation of the hologram technology via smart phone can be done at negligible cost but for some other.

 cases that need to implement the hologram technology on large scales there are devices.

specializing in the presentation of  the hologram whose prices range from $ 600 to $ 2000 according to the nature of the device the type of content displayed and the space on which be conducted.

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