How to create a movie site and how to profit from it

How to create a movie site and how to profit from it

Today we will learn how to create a website for movies and for live watching and profit from it at a very simple cost which is to purchase a site Actually this is only what you will cost in this project and it does not exceed 2 dollars.

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Steps to create a site

First .create a blogger blog and this is very easy
All you need is to create a gmail account and go to the Blogger website . and create a new blog and contact it to Domaine you have to name the domaine the type of movies you want to publish it on.

Site template installation

To download the film website template click here
new template with no rights
After downloading the template put it and install it on the blogger blog that you created.

To add movies you only need to register on this site here
And then you search for the uploaded movies on the uptobox site or any site supported by.

 the site that we will upload the films to after registration you will be presented with a list of the supported sites so that you only paste the link and the site will upload.

How to profit from the site

You will first earn from the movies upload site . because it will be paid after your balance reaches 50 dollars.

Secondly it is possible to add advertisements to your site or blog only it must be noted that google Adsense its terms or policies are not compatible with publishing films due to lack of property rights.

But there are other similar sites that do not have such restrictions as google Adsense for example this site click here

This site in the beginning allows you to announce pop-up windows only and when visits to your blog or website reach 10.000 visitors daily you will be allowed to publish advertisement tapes and one view you can win $5 behind the click.


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