How to download WhatsApp gold latest version 2023

Download WhatsApp gold latest version

Hello my friends today we will learn how to download golden whatsapp and learn about its features and how to use it ..the latest version of whatsapp gold is very special and enjoyable of its new features.

whatsapp golden

Golden WhatsApp features

Show deleted messages : now you can know the messages that were sent to you and then your frined deleted them you can now show all the messages that were deleted using whatsapp gold.

Privacy of photos and videos : now with the golden whatsapp version you can prevent the video and images from appearing in the studio by entering the conversation and then.

 clicking on the person picture then choose the media display and you can also do this from the settings directly.

Support whatsapp stickers: the stickers feature has been added within the golden whatsapp .you can send and receive whatsapp stickers without any problems in addition to the.

 presence of many ready made stickers within the application

Group call : golden whatsapp users can make a group call by making a call between you and your friend and then clicking on the icon.

Privacy in golden whatsapp

Hide writing
hide online now feature do not show blue sings when reading the message
hide receiving flags operating two whatsapp numbers and more
lock conversations with a secret number

Download whatsapp golden

to download whatsapp gold from here ..just one link from media fire  press here

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