How to make money with facebook for beginners

profit from face book

hello friends the ways to profit from face book are many and different and many current users maybe ignorant of it  therefore you will be presented with the most prominent ways that you can achieve profit as follows.

make money with facebook

Profit by posting videos to your page

the face book platform provides about 8 billion viewers for the videos that were posted on the pages through you and all users.

face book launched the face book for media platform which is similar to you tube and to benefit from it the following must be done.

you must subscribe to this platform first and then face book will place promotions through all your videos and then you will get a percentage of the profit.

the number of followers of your page should not be less than 10 thousand people within tow months your videos should get 30.000 views.

Marketing services and products

you can promote your product on face book and this through specialized groups you can promote products for companies merchants or individuals for a percentage of profits on specialized pages.

you can create a page and add your friends and friends to promote the product and then get profit after sale recently increased marketing of e-stores and you get a percentage of the profit after the sale.

Bring traffic to the you tube platform and websites

many websites have subscribed to a specialized program to display google ads on blogs as well as sites.

Links shortcut

A method that requires no experience effort and is very profitable you can only do the following subscribe with the link shortening companies then the company will give you the link that you shorten through its specialized programs.

Promote your you tube channel

it is possible to gather a lot of viewers for your you tube channel and subscribers through face book to achieve the adsense conditions quickly in accepting and making profit from adsense .


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