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How to permanently deleted a Facebook account 2020

Method delete facebook account 2020

Today we will learn how to permanently delete a facebook account ..facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the world ..learn with us the correct way to delete an account

delete facebook

Download information before deleting a facebook account

Users are advised to download a copy of their account information ..for reference at the time of need because the permanent deletion process erases all their data ..and the information can be downloaded by following the following steps .

Click on "  settings" click download a copy of my facebook data option
click on the start my archive option then click on the ok option
to start the process of archiving all the users information a message will be sent to the email when the archive is ready for download as the file

will contain the following information publications photos and videos have been shared and published conversation messages ..the section information about in the users profile .

Permanently delete facebook account

The facebook account can be permanently deleted by following the following steps
opening the facebook site and logging in to the account that needs  to be permanently deleted ..go to the account deletion page .click on the delete my account button at the bottom of the page enter the password for the account to be deleted enter a captcha code

it consists of different numbers and letters then press ok button
click ok to confirm the deletion completely .

Undeleted facebook account

Users can cancel their cancel account deletion on facebook within a period not exceeding 30 days from the start of the deletion otherwise all account data will be deleted without the ability to retrieve it or access it and the process of canceling

the deletion is done by following the following steps
log in to the facebook account that needs to be undeleted within 30 days of the account deletion process click on cancel deletion .