iphone 12 features and prices

iphone features and prices

Hello my friends in this article we review the most important features and prices of the iphone 12 which will be launched by apple in the last year 2020 .which is expected to be.

 released by the soviets next September .follow with us the article dear to get to know its advantages and prices in some countries of the world.

iphone 12

The American company apple may introduce iphone 12 which is the first phone to support the fifth generation networks with out headphones charger and power adapter

in an interview with the apple website the expert and technical analyst ming shi kuo said that the american company will abandon these accessories in order to be able to sell its next phone at a price version iphone 11.

in addition to providing the price of these accessories in its product apple aims to reduce the fingerprint of its electronic waste and reduce the material resulting from the phone packaging expected to be released on the market in september.

earlier this year the european parliament called on smartphone makers to provide a charger compatible with all devices of different brands according to the british sky news network.

features iphone 12

iphone phones are distinguished from those available in the market by supporting a fast charging port known as lightning while the rest of the phones depend on USB charger ports.

the absence of the iphone 12 charger would open the door for consumers to purchase their charger but they would have to adhere to the apple airpods or airpods pro headphones which.

 cost respectively 191 and $308 to return the american company what i lost from the price of the charger at the expense of wireless headphones .

price of iphone 12

United states of America : 1100 dollars

Saudi Arabia : 4140 riyals

Iraq : 1309550 dinars

Arab republic of Egypt : 17350

India : 83800 rupees

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