Most famous 10 cats in the world

Most expensive 10 cats

Hello my friends today we get to know most famous and most expensive 10 cats in the world . we know that cats are pets many people have cats in their homes it is one of the smartest animals that humans love.

expensive cats

Mumbai cat

This cat belongs to a modern breed that was the result of mixing burmese and american short haired cats and its was called this name because it is similar to the black indian tigers.

Manx cat

this is a smart cat and is able to to learn quickly and is long  hair and its hair is light and long as for its legs their hair is thick and the hind legs are longer than its front legs which makes it able to jump completely like rabbits.

German rex cat

it is a cat that loves to have fun and play and is characterized by its  extreme intelligence this breed of cats is considered medium sized and has slender legs of medium lenght its ear is large open and its hair is short and silky.

Turkish fan cat

These turkish cats are calm and smart which is harmful to living in homes and good for swimming they are also distinguished by their strenght rectangular body . beautiful shape have strong muscular shoulders yellow round eyes thick and fine hair and white.

Savannah cat

Among the types of hybrid cats . which is the largest strain of stagnated cats characterized by tallness and the thinnest body characterized by the ability to jump for a high distance of two and a half  meters and curious cats that love access to all things which are social and friendly cats.

Siberian cat

it is a type of long haired russian breed this striped breed is considered the most common brown color among other colors known to these cats it is characterized by strong muscle strenght and gracefulness it has a generic look that suggests strength and activity.

Abyssinian cat

she belongs to the types of smart and energetic cats but it is difficult to breed them and scientists have disagreed about the origin of their creatures ... their body is long and skinny.

 their pet is long and their color may be green or yellow and their hair is short and thick

Egyptian mao cat

the word mao in the ancient egyptian language means cat ..and picture of this cat appeared in an ancient pharaonic inscription ..these cats are considered one of the fastest types of cats.

 due to the lenght of the hind legs she prefers a warm temperature the pregnancy period is unusually long up to 73 days.

Siamese cat

it is characterized by sharp printing and unexpected reactions it traces its origins to the continent of asia it is characterized by the thinnest body and short hair its tail is short and its eyes are blue.

Shirazi cat

The most famous types of cats in the world and is one of the quietest types of cats as it is characterized by thick and long hair and small and broad nose and is not prominent.

 in  the face ..many people tend to buy the shirazi cat because of its moderate and non aggressive mood in addition to its distinctive shape.


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