Profit from CPA step by step for beginners to professional and how to earn more than 1000 dollars

Profit from CPA

Hello friends again together in one of the ways to profit from internet .. today i will explain to you how to earn from CPA and how to earn more than 1000 $ per month follow us my.

 friend to learn about the method and start your business in the profit from the internet.

how to profit  from cpa

First CPA reistration and admission requirements

you must have a paid domain website such as . com or info . or net
use a professional email to record your data .such as

creat a professional marketing plan on which to base your profit policy and have a large targeted mailing list.

Types of CPA offers there are 4 types of offers and each type has a different way of showing

CPL : means cost per lead i . e. payment for registration and this method works to attract works to attract visitors to register in the mailing lists or mailbox and this method is the easiest and fastest profit because the visitor does only register or add the mailbox.

CPS : means cost per sale i .e. payment for the purchase and this depends on the affiliate system and it determines a specific commission rate for each sale through your link.

CPC : which means cost per click i.e. paying for the click on the site link which is similar to the adsense system paying for every click.

CPM : means pay per impression and counts on 1000 imperssions a profit for a specific amount that the advertiser determines.

The most important tools and additions important in CPA marketing

we will demonstrate tools and programs that facilitate the steps of promoting the product within the CPA including VPN or proxy program as most CPA offers target specific.

 countries and mostly a country other than yours and one of the characteristics of these offers is that they will not open

a pormotion page in a country other than the country of the offer it is necessary that you have a proxy to see the offer page and the presence of pop _ups or no shared hosting or VPS.

 is very necessary to have hosting to add landing pages which act as an intermediary

between the site and the offer page and you can also use a blogger blog that gives you the opportunity to create landing pages for free.

ways to promote CPA offers

you tube is the largest portal for entry of visitors and it is the easiest and does not need much effort all  you have to do in the beginning is that you must learn the methods of making.

 videos and montage and there are many programs you can use to perform this task such as power director & sony vegas pro & adobe after effects & camtasia.

To this end my friends have finished i hope that you have benfited from this explanation .. for any inquiries pleas write it in comment and i will reply to you.


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