Profit from shortening links

How to profit from shortening links

Hello my friends again we meet with one of the ways to profit from internet today we will explain how to profit from short links it is one of the easiest ways to profit from internet follow us my friends to learn how to profit from shortening links.

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Steps to profit from shortening links

  1. Choosing a company to shorten links or a group of companies to work wih 
  2. Defining your target audience 
  3. Determine the method or methods of obtaining visitors to the shortened links 
  4. Determine how you will receive your money 
  5. Starting work
  6. Owning a blog website or forum 
  7. Paricipate in the forums
  8. Participate in blogging

Definition of profit from shortening and cutting links

in this type you can make a profit by shortening links in which case the target page is not obtained directly .an advertisment is displayed to the visitor before arriving at the landing page.

and here you are making profit from your links which is the type that we will show you in this article mostly the profit from shortening links is related to the profit process from uploading files so that the files links are shortened.

Best links shortcut sites 2020

GETSURL : the site enjoys high credibility and calculates all visits accurately ..unlike some other sites that deliberately deal with visitors to increase profits and it is one of the best URL shortcuts to earn money online.

you will get up to $10 for every 1000 visits which is what defines this site as good site with high returns.

the company makes payments through paypal and western union and payoneer and bitcoin and many other payment methods. is the most popular and secure link shortening service with many profitable techniques and methods from shortening links 2020.

if you have a wordpress blog you can also use the wordpress plugin which will surely help you increase your profit.

shorte .st is really the best shortcut website for making profits on this site ..this site given to shorten the links between $3 to 15 per thousand views.


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