Solve the problem of notifications in YouTube channel

Solve the problem of notifications in youtube channel

Hello my friends today we will explain the solution to the problem of the interface of many youtube users which is the lack of notifications reaching the subscribers it  is important.

 that you communicate everything you post to your subscribers to increase your profits on the channel.

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How YouTube notification system works

The youtube notifications system collects some information from the video as soon as it is published and the information it obtains is like the title description and thumbnail then all.

 the subscribers of  the channel are examined checking the settings for each user separately and this process is called fan-out.

Fan-out process its function is to check all the subscribers present in the channel individually that is it dose not ignore any subscriber present in your channel then it checks.

 the setting of each user then after that every user is confirmed is he supposed to receive notifications of the new video or no then notifications are sent to subscribers based on this scan.

What are the ways to send notifications to subscribers on youtube platform

youtube uses 4 basic methods for sending notifications to users as follows
youtube inbox push notification service
youtube notifications on desktop

Email notification there are also some other types of notifications such as notification for comments live broadcasts and forum postings of the channel.

How to solve the problem of notifications not reaching users

The first way is to invite your subscribers to activate the notification bell to all
secondly : when uploading new video you go to option (post the video in the subscriptions feed send notification to subscribers) and activate it.

third: subscribers can not receive more than 3 notices for three new videos per one day .. so avoid posting videos at once.

in the end my friends i hope you have benefited from this lesson ..for any inquiries pleas write it in a comment and i will answer you.

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