The best sites to increase youtube subscribers

How to increase you tube subscribers

I present to you the fastest and best site for increasing the number of  viewers for You tube videos winner of first place in terms of viewing sharing and admiring in You tube as well as.

 to increase fans friends and followers on face book and Twitter we can also profit from this site watch the video share the like and follow.

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How to subscribe to sites

is the phrase an joint exchange strategy as you make a subscription to 20 channels that the site brings to you then subscriptions to your channel will return to you after subscribing to.

 the 20 channels one of the advantages of these sites is speed in performance as after subscribing to the 20 channels 20 subscribers will be sent to your you tube channel immediately.

Requirements for subscribing to the sites

Activating the subscription on the site requires the identifier of the channel that you want to increase subscribers to this is very easy you go to the setting in your channel and then to the advanced setting and then the channel ID

you copy the channel id and then add your email to activate the subscription . any email can work whether on the gmail or yahoo . it is just an e-mail to activate the subscription and you.

 are not required to investigate the e-mail after which you write the password and then subscribe.

then you will be directed to the page giving you some options on how to fulfill your request on the site if you want to subscribe for free or pay to bring subscribers to your channel.

Next step

is to press free which is to work on the site for free you are not supposed to start earning from you tube to pay money to activate the terms of adsense googles advertising company.

which is also for you tube after clicking on the free subscription you will see the page for the subscription your parents appear to write 20 channel three buttons the first is to subscribe.

to channel the second you press is after subscribing and the third action is skipped if the channel you want to subscribe to does not worl.

the three sites

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how does youtube pay
how much youtube pays


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