The most immune foods

Most foods that contain immunity and restore youth again

Hello friends today we will get to know most foods that contain immunity and restore youth again vegetables are of great importance in strenghening the human immune system.

 today we will learn about the most important vegetables that give man natural immunity

the most immune foods


Garlic contains allicin it is a powerful antibiotic that is excreted when chewing or grinding a garlic pill ..garlic has been widely used as an antibacterial antifungal and sterile agent in.

 addition to that it may contribute to activating the immune system to help it resist some viruses and microorganisms published in the journal of immunology.

research in 2015 that garlic possesses immune and anti inflammatory properties which can help to change the synthesis of inflammatory cytokines in addition to activating immune cells.


A 2013 review by the international journal of preventive medicine indicated that ginger contributes to a significant improvement in a large percentage of health conditions.

 due to its immunological and anti inflammatory properties thus it may relieve muscle pain after exercising in ectreme sports.


Almonds are one of  the nuts rich in vitamins and healthy fats as it contains half a cup of it that is nearly 46 whole pills without peeling them over 100% of the recommended daily percentage of vitamin E.

which maintains the health of the immune system and reduces the risk of catching a cold and a study published in the magazine immunology letters in 2010 indicated that almond.

 with peel has an opposite effect for viruses as the herpes simplex virus and improves immune related indicators such as alpha interferon also linked to the immune response.


potatoes contain a high percentage of the antioxidant beta caroten that provides them with a bright orange color which is also linked to boosting the health of the immune system where potatoes are rich in some vitamin B1 .vitamin C and provitamin.


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