Top 5 free montage programs

Top 5 free motage programs

Hello my friends if you want to produce any video or any professional movie you definitely need a montage program in addition to some experience in using this program.

 for the content creators on youtube the way to edit the video makes a very big difference and can convert the video to the best.

montage programs


lightworks program is one of the best free montage programs available on most systems which has been used in many of the world famous films it is characterized by a very distinct.

 interface like most video editing programs where you can edit cut add clips and even a direct preview of the video itself as it is avaliable on the feature of exporting.

 the video to Youtube directly in 720 p format and many other features
download program press here 


Shotcut is another distinct program that is open source and completely free as it supports many video audio and image formats and you will not find problems with file formats also supports 4k.

resolution also allows you to record images and camera the interface is very easy and all the tools are available in front of you can also from professionally modifying the sound.

 as it contains many filters _bass and treble pass compressor _the program is very powerful and not a single article will be sufficient to cover all of its features so we.

 recommend you to try it now because i sure that it will impress you .
download program press here

3_Davinci Resolve

The Davinci Rsolve prgram is another distinct option avialable on our list as it contains many advanced features specific to the field of montage professionals where you can modify.

 videos accurately 8k and also contains the feature of color editing and distinct visual effects and of course like any other montage program it enables you to cut video and oudio.

 professionally this program is the best choice for advanced professional projects and of course the program is free
download program press here

4_ Openshot

With a simple user interface and a simple and uncomplicated design we offer the Openshot program  contains many effects you can do especially 3D effects the source is free.

 and with all its features and on most systems it is an easy and simple option for beginners
download program press here 


The last program with us on this list is avidemux which although it lacks some of  the features found in previous program but it is fairly good it is the simplest and easiest program.

 that is with us on this list with a very simple interface and it contains the basics of editing and editing programs it is considered the best option for beginners who do not wish to progress a lot and delve into this field.
download program press here


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