Cleaning Template for Blogger Blogger 2023

Cleaning Template

The cleaning template code or cleaning template 2020 present at the bottom performs a process of deleting everything in your blog in terms of the old design and template and.

 eliminating the addition of old tools and additions that were present in the old template in the new template that is you will not be able to restore any old addition so we advise you.

 before use this cleaning code 2020 and would like an addition in the new template from the old plugins and tools save it in a document and add it after using the cleaning template.

blogger 2023

How to use a template or cleaning code

First make a backup copy of the design or template for your blog by entering the control panel for your blog on Blogger Appearance Backup /Restore then a window will pop up.

 where you click download Appearance and with this you have made a save or backup copy of the previous template and we can return mechanism in case of an error or problem during the installation of the new mold.

Cleaning mold

After saving the backup copy of the previous appearance or template you will copy or download the code or cleaning template located at the bottom and then enter Blogger Appearance then modify the HTML found at the bottom.

A box will appear containing lines of code for your blog you select all and paste the code for cleaning the one that you previously copied by clicking on the ctrl + A button on the.

 keyboard so that you have done the selection process for everything in the code box then also click on ctrl+V in keyboard to paste the cleaning template code.

Blogger cleaning code and the last step you will save the cleaning code by clicking on the save appearance button at the top of the box after that you can add the new template code so.

 all you have to do is enter the appearance modify the HTML and delete the cleaning code with the same previous step.


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