Gmail recovery if you forget your password

Gmail Recovery Methods

Today we will explain to you 3 ways to retrieve the Gmail account . the first method in case you forget the password . the second method in the event of penetration of the account  and the third method in case you forget the username.

3 ways to recovery gmail

Gmail recovery if you forget your password

You can reset the password and restore access to the Gmail account by following these steps

  • Ensure that there is a secondary email address for the users Gmail account or that the login process to the Gmail account has not been performed for five days 
  • Click on the forgot your password on the Gmail login page 
  • Type the full email address of the Gmail account on the account support page then click the next button 
  • Enter answers to some of the questions that Gmail asks to verify a persons ownership of the account and click the next button after each answer
  • Click on the Try a different question option if you cannot answer a question . such as : phone number or secondary email address .

Restore Gmail account if it is compromised

Entering the account recovery page by clicking on the following link 

Enter an email or phone number . then click the next button 
Enter the last password that was used to log in then click the next button 

Enter the phone number or email address the user would like to send a reset code to 
Clicking Try a different question if a question cannot be answered during the recovery process 

Enter your secondary email address or mobile phone number and the code will be sent immediately 
Enter the six -digit reset code in the space provided and the account will be recovered.

Gmail recovery if you forget your username

To recovery a Gmail account when the email address is forgotten . the following steps are followed 

  • Log in to the Google account recovery page
  • clicking on the option i do not know my username 
  • Following the instructions mentioned . retrieving the username of this form requires knowing the alternate email address . or the recovery phone number 


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