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How do videos appear in trending content on YouTube

Steps to reach fame on YouTube

Focus on your features list your best qualities and skills and do not be shy or humble write down everything that comes to your mind use your beautiful voice to sing use your debating skills to present an educational program use your knowledge of the history of literature and the arts to teach others try to use one of your skills to create valuable content for your channel .

how to reach fame on youtube

Think of something unique 

After you got an idea about the topics that occupy many minds it is time to move to the next level no matter what you decide to do make sure that you will find your competitors so you have to think and use your creativity to reach the perspective through which you will address the issues that you will talk about to make your channel unique take into account the average age and interests of your viewers ask yourself is the channel title really premium or not .think about what you would like to see on YouTube but it has not been around yet . make sure that you are able to create multiple videos because a channel cannot be based on just one video .

Get ready to capture the moments that matter 

Your camcorder or smartphone should always be yours wherever you go . you might be in luck and record a funny situation that can quickly become one of the popular clips on the site and you may record a serious event that saves a person life . if you do not see any benefit from your records at this time postpone them for a later time .

Interact with your channel followers 

If you are responding to the channels comments then you are already on the right path but you need some improvements such as transferring these conversations to all other social media networks such as Twitter or instagram and facebook use a specific hashtag while video chatting to make it easier for your followers as they search for the conversation also being active on social media may get your channel more followers .