The man who found himself in the Queen Elizabeth bedroom

A man in the Queen bedroom

Irish Michael Vigan who is 70 years old used to consider himself lucky in his life not twice but three times as he had survived earlier in the year from a stroke and from infection with the Corona virus.

But it was his survival in 1982 that went down in history when he managed to sneak early in the morning not only into Buckingham palace but also into the Queen Elizabeth bedroom

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According to the British Sun newspaper it was only chance that led Vegan to the royal bedroom from.

among the 700 rooms in the palace although as he now asserts he was not thinking about harming the Queen but rather about meeting her only in order to help him solve his family.

 problem with four children after his wife fled from the house however he was shocked when he found himself face to face with the Queen while she was still in her bed.

When confronting a man wearing jeans and a regular T-shirt and barefoot the Queen asked him what to do here.

before pressing the alarm button twice but without any of the palace security men coming to her it became apparent later that they had neglected the alarm because they though it was.

 caused by a malfunction in the system the Queen asked Vigan not to move and exited the room to call the guards.

The funny thing  is that the British judiciary did not find a reason to indict him because he entered the palace from an open window and because they wanted to avoid the Queen.

 having to testify in court until he sipped wine from a bottle that he encountered inside was not sufficient to incriminate him for theft.

especially since the security man offered him a cup of drink to calm him down all Vigan lost from his strange adventure was his sandal that he took off on the roof of the palace this was.

 his belief but two years later the British police found the sandal and returned it to him.

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