Steps to document the YouTube channel with the check mark

YouTube channel documentation

Hello my friends . YouTube is one of the most used areas to profit from the internet worldwide today we will get acquainted with the method of documenting the YouTube.

 channel and adding the channel verification badge to it officially and through YouTube itself the way will be easy and simple.

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YouTube channel documentation terms

  • You can submit a request for a channel verification badge after your channel has 100.000 subscribers 
  • That the name of the channel be your own and not the name of a famous person or a trademark
  • The channel must be public . have a banner description icon and content and be active on YouTube 
  • After fulfilling these conditions you must apply and then your channel will be presented for review and if your channel complies with the conditions mentioned it will be documented 

YouTube channel documentation advantages

Channels that have the verification badge are not granted access to additional YouTube features . the verification badge does not mean that the channel receives awards.

 support or recommendations from YouTube so the only benefit of verification is to give the channel official status and help you avoid fraudsters and counterfeiters.

How to apply for YouTube channel documentation 

  • Log in to the YouTube support site from here 
  • If you have met the conditions click on Get Support 
  • Tap on the channel and video feature option 
  • Click on the channel verify option 
  • Fill in the required fields

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