The tallest 5 buildings in the world

The tallest 5 buildings in the world

It is striking in the list of the five tallest buildings in the world for the current year that all the towers and skyscrapers that occupy the last four places were built in the last tow years.

 that is after the opening of  the Burj Khalifa in 2010 however the owners of these projects could not break the number of the engineer Adrian Smith whose building managed to.

 maintain the top of the ranking for six years in a row what is considered a very long period compared to the increasing urban movement globally and the five towers are from the shortest to the tallest.

tallest building in the world

Goldin Finace 117 in China

Height : 596.5 meters

Number of floors : 117 floors

Opening : 2016

Location : Tianjin China

The Ping An Finace Center is also in China

Height : 599 meters

Number of floors : 115 floors

Opening : 2016

Location : Shenzhen China

Al-Bait Clock Tower in Saudi Arabia

Height : 601 meters

Number of floors : 120 floors

Opening : 2012

Location : Makkah

Shanghai China Tower

Height : 632 meters

Number of floors : 123 floors

Opening : 2015

Location : Shanghai city

Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates

Height : 828 meters

Number of floors : 163 floors

Opening : 2010

Location : Dubai

Any height that a building center or tower might reach in the world it does not refer to an urban achievement only but to the human ability to challenge nature and its attraction.

 transforming his dreams into reality the best example of this is the attempt of every designer to include aesthetic and luxury features for his designs.

 which he would like to be filed with life so as not to remain just stones suspended in the air 

china government is interested in encouraging this kind of urban design this helps it secure housing for its people without having to expand cities horizontally at the expense of.

 agricultural lands and green spaces .


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