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Why are womens hearts weaker than mens hearts

Why woman heart weak than man heart

A recent scientific study has revealed a purely scientific explanation for the first time of the saying that claims that women hearts are weaker than mens and the specialized scientific journal Jama Cardiology published a report in which it revealed that the secret of a womans hearts weakness can be in blood vessels and the study said that womens blood vessels are aging much faster than men .

why heart sick

And this according to the study makes women more likely than men to develop heart disease and weak heart muscle and the study gives for the first time an explanation about how women are more likely than men to have different types of cardiovascular disease than men .
The scientific study showed that the blood vessels of women from the great arteries to the small capillaries are getting older.

The study indicated that the blood vessels of women begin to deteriorate and become less efficient at a faster rate than men according to an examination of the data of a large number of heart patients both women and men 
The author of the study said that women have significantly different physiological functions than males which explains why women are more prone to certain types of cardiovascular disease than men and at different age stages

The study indicates that women are at greater risk of  heart attacks heart failure or strokes larger than men .in its results the study relied on examining the databases of a large number of patients and comparing evidence and patterns related to how they began to develop high blood pressure which has a major role in the impact of blood vessels and heart weakness.