Celebrities in quarantine 2020

Celebrity injuries and international stunts

In the context of the expansion of the virus it was recorded that the first famous international actor was  infected with Corona virus american actor and director Tom Hanks announced on.

 Twitter that he and his wife actress Rita Wlison had contracted the Corona virus in Australia.

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In addition he explained through a tweet on his Twitter account attached to a picture that appeared to be from inside a hospital or laboratory that he and his wife felt while they were.

 in Australia with a little fatigue and body aches as if they had  a cold with a slight rise in temperature.

He added : as is required in the world now we conducted a test for corona virus and found that the result was positive.

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Global officials

Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa Britain's Minister of State for Health Affairs Nadine Durres as well as the italian Chief of Staff General Salvatore Farina along with the.

 Commander -in-Chief of the Polish Armed Forces General Jaroslaw Meca were infected with the virus.

The virus also affected the French Minister of Culture Franck Riester the French Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet and 7 other deputies including Andre Chassegen head of the Communist Bloc of Representatives.

In Spain Spanish Minister of Equality Irene Montero was infected with the Corona virus and Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias was subjected to quarantine.

Sports too

And in the world of sports Juventus announced the injury of its defender Daniele Rugani and before that announced the injury of Timo Hoppers defender of the German team.

 Hanover as well as the owner of the Greek club Olympiacos Evangelos Marinkis

Sampdoria club also announced that is player Manolo Gabiadini had been infected with the Corona virus becoming the second player in the Italian league to be infected with the virus defender Daniele Rogani.

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