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Small Death Apple learn about the most dangerous tree in the world

Small Death Apple

Trees are an essential part of nature . they clean the air we breathe provide shade from the sun and  fruit but admiration will not be your reaction when you approach a Manchine tree or a small death apple . this tree grows along sandy beaches in tropical climates stretching from Florida to the Caribbean and all the way to parts of Central and South America .

learn about the most dangerous tree in the world

The most dangerous tree in the world

This tree can cause great harm to everyone who approaches it according to what was published by the Atlas Obscura scientific website and it was classified as the most dangerous tree in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.
The apple - like fruit called Manchinell contains toxins in every part whether in the fruit . stem . or leaves .

most dangerous tree in the world 2020

The indigenous people of America used their poisons to put them in their arrowheads and contaminate the water supply to the Spanish invaders
Although there have been no newly reported cases of anyone dying from eating innocent-looking fruits if you were to bite down the sweet taste would quickly turn into extremely painful . 

The matter goes beyond the annoying burning caused by eating very hot pepper if the Manchinell fruit causes severe burning and swelling in the throat and the area around the mouth may become inflamed and ulcerated and this may result in severe digestive problems .