Bird flu is spreading rapidly in 7 states in india

 Avian virus emergence in india

Officials said yesterday that bird flu is spreading rapidly across india, as 7 states have confirmed cases while states are awaiting test results while imposing measures to contain the virus.

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The first state in which the virus appeared 

Uttar Pradesh was the latest state to record cases of HIV infection, as a zoo in Kanpur city was closed after the death of four birds and two parrots, and the chief veterinary officer in.

 Kannur R P Mishra said that the results of the the tests showed that the birds were positive for the virus.

Action taken by india

The chief official said that we are slaughtering and burning birds in the yards, and it has also been announced that the zoo has become a focus. it is unfortunate, but we have to follow the.

 protocol and cases of bird flu have been recorded in Kerala, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh Haryana and Gujarat according to what the federal government said spread.


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