Bitcoin prices today an unprecedented rise

 Bitcoin price rises

Happy day for investors in cryptocurrencies, as the price of one bitcoin reached more than 30 thousand dollars, a record that the currency surpassed for the first time as of 14:13 Paris.

 time, Saturday, Bitcoin was valued at $ 30,823.30 , according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The virtual currency crossed the $ 20,000 threshold.

unprecedented world david lee kuo chuen deng robert

Recent Bitcoin News

she left behind questions about the reason for the great rise of the currency during the past days, and about the future of the cryptocurrency in the future it is mainly due to the.

 economic crisis caused by the Corona pandemic, which led to the shaking of cash around the world.

Cash shook in a number of countries, and people wanted to resort to a safe and well-known alternative, such as Bitcoin. it is similar to what happened after the economic crisis in 2008 in the United States.

Bitcoin is an ideal solution for countries experiencing economic crises

During the recent period, people such as the Turks, who have become pioneers in the Bitcoin currency, have resorted to it, along with peoples suffering economic difficulties due to sanctions, such as Venezuela, Brazil, and even Lebanon.

Some Arab peoples have increasingly used Bitcoin, such as Syrians, Palestinians, and Iraqis A large number of companies have begun to transfer part of their budgets to bitcoin, including Square.

The square Financial Services Company bough about 4,700 Bitcoins, when the price of one currency was equal to $ 18,000.

What is the future of Bitcoin?

And about the possibility of higher prices in the future nobody knows the answer to this question with certainty, and in the event of an economic crisis due to the effects of Corona.

 as is expected, the crisis will create a crisis of confidence in traditional economic institutions, such as banks.

This will necessarily give momentum to alternative markets, especially cryptocurrencies imagine a big global crisis in comparison with the previous example and of course this will.

 be a strong indication of the continued rise the price of cryptocurrencies on the other hand, some countries may impose greater restrictions in return through.

legislation and this may negatively affect prices, these two are more important Two variables may affect the currency rate in the coming period david lee unprecedented chuen.


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