IQ kids intelligence test

 kids intelligence test

A child is born to his parents pregnant with many of their traits, and other qualities he acquires, which distinguishes him from them by his own character and a person inherits.

 both genetic and personal traits as well. As for intelligence, studies have confirmed that what is fifty percent of the child's IQ is inherited intelligence.

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Test your child's intelligence

A child's intelligence tests are different from IQ tests for adults as the child is not proficient in language and his leaves a lot of space in general intelligence tests, so the child's.

 intelligence tests depend on his behavior and behaviors more than his language and also more than his feelings, as the language and feeling are not complete enough to be tested on.

 them the skills, behaviors and some words are worthy of a competent test for the child.

Test for children from the age of 4 to 8 years

There is a test for children from the age of 4 to 8 years consisting of 36 questions that are answered, and all of these questions are printed with pictures of shapes separated for certain.

 angles, and the complementary image must be chosen for a year Options are presented, and other pictures are combined in some and others have contrast colors and need to be compared before choosing.

The right choice this test develops the power of concentration discrimination, and decision making power because some of the questions put the child in a state of hesitation between two answers thus IQ increases if such tests are continued periodically.

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