The most expensive liquid in the world is a drop of $ 130

Most expensive liquid in the world 

 Besides being one of the most dangerous creatures on earth, the scorpion poison, which belongs to a family called the death chaser is the most expensive liquid in the world.

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Why is this liquid so expensive

The price of one gallon of scorpion venom is 39 million dollars, so a single drop will cost you 130 dollars . the high price of the liquid is due to the difficulty of obtaining the.

 scorpions themselves, as well as the process of extracting the poison from them, if only one milligram can be obtained from each scorpion  to collect a gallon of venom, the liquid was extracted from 2.64 million scorpions, according to Business insider.

Benefits of scorpion venom

Animal experts say that the bite of a death chaser is a hundred times more painful than a bee sting, knowing that is venom is used in the development of a number of medicines.

 for example chlorotoxins bind to cancer cells that from in the brain and spine which contributes to determining the exact size and location of malignant tumors.

Previously used scorpion venom

Scorpion venom has also been used in the past to fight malaria, and it has been tired with mice to treat bone diseases, in the hope that the results will reveal future solutions to serious diseases that affect humans get.


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