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Amazing pictures the landing of Perseverance on Mars

 Photos of Mars 2021

The US Space Agency ( NASA) published new pictures of the arrival of its '' Perseverance'' spacecraft the day before to Mars, in which the mobile robot appeared suspended two meters above the surface of the Red Planet immediately before landing on it.

photos of mars 2021

The robot was slowly placed on the surface of Mars during the final stage of the operation , that is, in the last 20 meters, as it was suspended by 3 wires dangling from the landing craft equipped with 8 retarder missiles that slowed the landing.

The picture was taken from the bottom of the landing craft, and it shows the top of the mobile robot, its six wheels, and below the surface of Mars.

Another image of the landing process was shown immediately before this stage, taken by the MRO probe, which is located in the orbit of Mars. When enlarged, it can see the mobile robot protected by a capsule entering the atmosphere, and its speed was slowed by the bulge of a huge hypersonic umbrella.

And observed on the surface rocks ranging between 3.8 and 3.7 billion years old, ''NASA'' is showing great interest in them.