How to Make Money on Fiverr with Mockups SO EASY

Profit from Fiverr

 what's going on guys welcome to my second episode of how to make money on Fiverr if you haven't seen the route Fiverr if you haven't seen the route already my first episodes as an introduction explaining the series the video series so you can click on that.

how to make money from fiverr

Easy it is to make money on Fiverr 

just doing what other people are doing Fiverr is a really easy way to make money and people make money by simply using automated programs or stuff like Photoshop and just.

 you don't have to actually have any design skills and stuff like that so this tutorial you're going to need a Photoshop or maybe another program we're going to be using.

Photoshop in this example and we're just

going to be doing a basically mock-ups and what mock-ups are is you just get the logo or some sort of image from the buyer and you just put it on a product for them so they can see.

 what it looks like so this guy's got jackets here we've got a mock-up on a laptop which I actually did on my blog here so.

I put a image of the website on the laptop here to make it look more professional so what it is is pretty much this guy here is advertising I will put your design into realistic jacket.

 mock-up so people will let's say someone has a designer and they want to see what it looks like on a jumper or a t-shirt.

and believe me people will pay for this because they if they've got a company that they're about to start or something can they want it or a clothing label they want to see what the.

 logos look like so they simply send him a logo someone sent in this logo and he puts it on the jacket and this literally takes under one minute to do so you have placed so you can make $5 within a minute one or two minutes very very easy.

You don't want to be spending too much

time on something that only that you're only going to make $5 from so that's that one that's the clothing one and then we've got a mock-up of the laptop so this guy simply puts an.

 image of five over here in the screen then these are very very popular actually the our laptop ones are the computer ones very very easy just like there and imagine if.

you had six or seven gigs going like this you could do t-shirts you could do laptops you can do phone see this guy out see this is a really really good one here and as you can see here.

 this guy does our phones as well and so he does presentations for people they send him an image and he simply puts it on a phone for them and you can also charge extras I think this one has.

a license for commercial use but I'm going to show you we eating it before free and you can still charge for the commercial use if you want so very very easy first you want to go to a website called graphic burger com.

Free mock-ups and paid ones 

but all you need is the free ones and it's very easy just go through and we've got a mock-up here apple neck we've got one of the frame on a wall you can put a picture in there you can.

 do a mock-up on the phone this t-shirt here this little card here and you'll be surprised at what people will pay for on Fiverr it's actually quite amazing there's a weird weird stuff on Fiverr that you can buy and then we've got neck book workspace to.

Lock up as well that's pretty much

same as what I just showed you you've got all sorts of stuff you've got a billboard here you've got a book you've got some business cards which I'll show you in a second actually.

 in Photoshop you've got this thing here wax seal these are all free these ones you've got a phone here as well so to scroll through and just find stuff that you can.

sell so you can put someone's design others billboard so people can see if it looks if their logo looks good on a billboard or not very very easy so simply you simply just click on one.

 this is click on one here and all you do is with some also some suggestion suggestions here that you might like once you're done you simply load it into.


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