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Amazing pictures  the landing of Perseverance on Mars
amr sonic 21 February 2021
 Photos of Mars 2021 The US Space Agency ( NASA) published new pictures of the arrival of its '' Perseverance'' spacecraft t...
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kids intelligence test
 kids intelligence test A child is born to his parents pregnant with many of their traits, and other qualities he acquires, which distinguis...
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Bitcoin prices today_ an unprecedented rise
 Bitcoin price rises Happy day for investors in cryptocurrencies, as the price of one bitcoin reached more than 30 thousand dollars, a recor...
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Bird flu is spreading rapidly in 7 states in india
amr sonic 10 January 2021
 Avian virus emergence in india Officials said yesterday that bird flu is spreading rapidly across india, as 7 states have confirmed cases ...
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The most expensive liquid in the world is a drop of $ 130
amr sonic 03 January 2021
Most expensive liquid in the world   Besides being one of the most dangerous creatures on earth, the scorpion poison, which belongs to a fam...
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How to create a windows 10 laptop password
 Protect your privacy Hello my friends, today we will learn how to make a password for a laptop windows 10 to maintain your privacy and not...
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Get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours on Youtube in the shortest time
amr sonic 24 September 2020
 Achieve YouTube conditions in the fastest time, free of charge After reviewing this article, you will fulfill the conditions of YouTube in ...
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